Fantasia Furs was established in 1999 in Beaver Creek, Colorado, selling authentic fur coats, fur jackets, fur boots, and more. In 2003 a second location was opened on Bridge Street in Vail Village, and currently resides at the Lodge Promenade on Gore Creek Drive in Vail Village in Vail, Colorado. Steeped in a rich history of experience and expertise, Fantasia Furs arose from a partnership between Hillis Akin and Sue O’Leary Adams. Hillis Akin cultivated a successful career as a furrier for over 50 years. Sue expanded her knowledge of fur as an apprentice of Hillis, and he mentored her in the trade of selling furs. Sue has a passion for the trade, and an ethical business practice. This foundation allows Fantasia Furs to offer exquisite quality pieces, while serving customers an exceptional experience and a solid investment.